Timing Results
Author Time (seconds)
Thomas Guettler (1) N/A
Test Implementation 3670.32
George Sakkis v.1 1337.67
Nam T. Nguyen 1183.47
Nicola Ferruzzi 601.58
George Sakkis v.2 (2) 500.00
dOb 161.20
Oliver Tonnhofer 140.41
Raymond Hettinger v.1 81.03
Raymond Hettinger v.2 81.38
Thomas Lotze 77.83
Raymond Hettinger v.3 76.21
Raymond Hettinger v.4 74.53

results are for 100,000 tests executed

NOTE 1: Solution is algorithmically correct but required more than 600MB of memory to run the performance test, causing it to crash.

NOTE 2: Solution did not generate the optimal route in one test case. Performance is estimated based on previous test cases.

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