RatingQuote - Documentation


This page is an explanation for web masters who have an interested in zone applications, not for end users.

The basic idea is that you embed an image in your HTML, with a script as the source, that generates a zone rating quote similar to a stock quote. See the bottom of this page to see different image (img) tags for different rating qoute appearances.

For an artistically weak usage example, see our Sample Roster.

This documentation is preliminary so, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

How it works

When a button is created, information for the requested player is pulled from a database. If information for that player or game is not yetpresent in the database then the text of the button will read "no data". Every two hours of so the information in the database is updated, at which time data should be available for every player for whom information has been requested. If you create a button and it still reads "no data" after several hours then it is likely that you have spelled the name of the game or the name of player incorrectly. To verify, look up the game and player using: http://zone.msn.com/Profile/SearchPlayer.asp Note that the player and game name must be spelled exactly as indicated in the Zone.com profiles page. If there is only one piece of data in the database for a player then the change in rating cannot be displayed. Future games that the player plays will be recorded and the change in rating will be reflected in the button.

In action

Zone name: Game name:
Button Style: Justification:
Background color (e.g. FFFF00):
Show minus for negative rating changes
Show zero rating changes

<img src="http://www.sweetapp.com/zone/RatingQuote.php?zoneName=BigMadDog1&gameName=Age+of+Empires+II+Expansion&button=plain&justify=center&showMinusSign=n&showNoChange=n">